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Yasai designs, builds and operates Circular Vertical Farms to enable a sustainable & circular food system for the smart cities of tomorrow. In these Vertical Farms we produce fresh & healthy food for an affordable price up to 40% cheaper than market prices. Instead of importing food from thousands of kilometers away, we make sure that your customers enjoy the freshest vegetables, herbs and berries with a lower
ecological footprint all-year round and guarantee a high level of food safety & quality. Yasai rents out Growspace to retailers, wholesalers & restaurants. Our customers decide what we grow on their Growspace through a digital platform.

The digital application offers full transparency & traceability about the plants grown in our Circular
Vertical Farms. The farms are based on a circular economy and reuse different forms of waste as a
resource to promote plant growth for the Smart Cities of the future.



Stampfenbachstrasse 52
8092 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 79 866 10 67