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Euresearch: H2020 - Funding opportunities


Euresearch Office of the University of Fribourg invites you to an event on funding opportunities in research related to food, agriculture and bioeconomy covering topics in agriculture, medicine, biology, ecology, psychology, IT and more that may also be relevant for your research or your field of activity (for all topics see: Horizon 2020 funding opportunities related to the field of food research)

This Information Event on «European R&I Funding Opportunities in Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry» is aimed at researchers from academia, industry and other stakeholders interested in Horizon 2020 funding opportunities related to the mentioned fields.


12:00–12:15Arrival (Sandwiches and beverages are offered)
12:15–12:20Welcome by Doris Kolly, Euresearch Regional Office Fribourg/Freiburg
12:20–13:00H2020-upcoming calls in the area of «Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry» by Gerhard Gass and Linda Münger - National Contact Points food at Euresearch
13:00–13:45Experiences of successful applicants by Danilo Christen and Vincent Michel, Agroscope research
13:45–15:00Bilateral meeting with the Food NCPs (facultative)

After the session, the participants will have the chance to meet bilaterally with the two NCPs. Please contact the Euresearch Office if you are interested in such an individual meeting (by email)

Should you face problems with the registration, sent us an email.