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NTN Innovation Booster - Swiss Food Ecosystems

The jointly founded association "Suisse Agro Food Leadinghouse" by Swiss Food Research and the Cluster Food & Nutrition has been chosen by Innosuisse to take the lead of one of its 12 "NTN - Innovation Boosters - Swiss Food Ecosystems”. Its thematic focus lies on technology-based next generation innovation in the field of

  • Smart Nutrition
  • Biomass Valorization
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Packaging

but also on business model innovations, innovation culture or innovation methods.

The NTN – Innovation Booster provides direct funding to selected innovation teams for the development and testing of innovation ideas. This promotes an agile process with modern, collaborative methods like DesignThinking and Rapid Prototyping, which continuously improves the quality of ideas. In addition, collaborative learning through hackathons and idea-challenges exchange the experiences between the teams in a spirit of Open Innovation.

Go to NTN-Innovation Booster "Swiss Food Ecosystems" to find more information, FAQ and an approach to Design Thinking. In the future you find here the dates of Webinars and Hackathons.

Through the Leading House, member companies can gain competitive advantages by collaborating with partners along the value chain and by incorporating the knowledge, competencies and technologies of the universities and research partners and generate disruptive and groundbreaking innovations.

Learn more about the NTN Innovation booster on www.innosuisse.ch.

View current campaigns and incoming ideas on https://innobooster.org

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