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HySwiss SA

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HySwiss / Techponics is a startup founded in 2020 and is developing innovative cropping systems starting with green leaves.  

Our vision is that quality, pure fruit and vegetables should be available to everyone because we are what we eat. 

We are passionate about controlled environment farming and production under greenhouses in general and we believe a high tech greenhouse is the solution to produce pure vegetables at an affordable cost. At techponics we are obsessed to deliver an affordable high productive system adapted to grower's need. 

If you are a grower or simply if you share with us our passion for sustainable farming, do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to meet and discuss our common interests.

HySwiss SA


Route de la Petite-Glâne
1566 St-Aubin FR,
+41 79 555 25 88
HySwiss SA